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St. Patrick Outfits!!

!BH ~St. Patrick Outfits….each outfit includes : Top, short panties, Leather Corset , flex skirt with Antique Cotton Lace, sleeves, garter,  2 different hats, Necklace, bracelet for both hands, clover earrings. The attachment contain scripts  for a more easy way to resize them. Each item comes as copy/mod/no transfer! ~ Be Happy!


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!BH~Sharina Outfits !!

!BH~Sharina Outfits Pink/Yellow and Blue & Black.
Each color contain two fetch outfits and includes : Corset , panties , bra, fishnet top, fishnet pants, socks, skirt made from black with pink dots silk and delicate lace , black/gold pearl necklace, collar, lace collar, black/gold belt, lace sleeves( attachments  have resize menu) . Sharina Outfit comes as Copy/Mod/No Transfer in multiple layers. ~ Be Happy! ~

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Picks Reward!!

!BH~Sharina Red Corset is the new profile Picks, to have it , come to Be Happy! mainstore add the place into your picks , wait 24-48 hours… come back and click on picture to receive  this gift! ~Be Happy!

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30L$ Item~ BootyCamp Camo Outfits!!

!BH ~BootyCampp ~ Camo Green, Brown , Blue, Pink ,each color for only 30L$ , all 4 colors for 100l$ .The Outfit includes : top, body pants, sculpted legwarmer(resize menu), pocket belt (menu)!Comes in Multiple layers. (look up on second floor) ~~ Be Happy! ~~

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!BH~ Camo Pink Outfit is the gift in the MAH~ Made from camo pattern.. the pinky outfit includes top, body pants, sculpt pants legwarmer and belt! Comes as copy/mod/no transfer in multiple layers. ~ Be Happy! ~

#11 -> HINT : Aaaahhhh…. now the heart is stick on ceiling , how i can bring down from there??:((

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!BH~Red Pearl Dress just 10L$!!

!BH~Red Pearl Dress ~includes top, body pants, skirt(resize menu), gloves. The Dress comes in all layers as copy/mod and no transfer! and is available just in market place for 10L$~ limited time~ !BH~Red Pearl Dress~ Marketplace ~

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!BH~ Annetta Outfits

!BH~ Annetta ~so sexy ~Blue/Red Outfits.. Each color  includes  3 different outfits,a mix between jeans and lace .. top , body pants, sculpt mini-skirt, sculpt skirt with belt, gloves , sculpt  legwarmers, sculpt sleeves , scarf+bow, lace earrings.Comes as copy/mod/no transfer in multiple layers Be Happy!

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!BH~Valentine Pink Pearl Gown~

~Valentine Pink Pearl Gown~ ..made from a soft silk mixed with delicate lace  and contoured with lovely white Pearls, a very  Elegant  and Sensual Gown  that shine the feminine beauty..The Dress includes : Pearl Earrings , Pink  Umbrella (Animated), Bow, Pearl Bracelet, the silk corset contoured with white pearls and bare on back, Body Pants, Gloves, a voluptuous skirt and the long trail! Pink Pearl Gown comes in Multiple Layers as Copy, Mod, No Transfer! ~Be Happy!

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Valentine Shirts

Valentine Shirts – A shirt to gift your valentine, 2 colors versions, comes in all layer. Both Shirts are transfer. 60L$ each.


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!BH ~ Love Neko Outfit~ Red Outfit!

Love Neko Outfit~Red Outfit! Includes: Pink Top, Scripted Skirt with Lace +Black Belt, Body Pants, Socks, Neko Flexi Tail (menu interact), Neko Ears (twitch), Neko Shoes, Heart Collar , ~ Multiple Layers .The outfit comes as Copy/Mody/ No Transfer.

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