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!BH ~ Sneakers+ Rucksak ~!!

!BH ~ Sneakers+ Rucksak ~ 6 pair of sneakers and each pair assorted  with a rucksak  …the items  come in Blue, Green , Pink, Red, White, Yellow Colors as copy/mod/no. transfer , all with rezise menu ~Be Happy! ~(for some days you may get them to half of price)


$ I need a Dollar…$ ~ Item Hunt~!!

$ I need a Dollar…$ Hunt 7 March -4 April #51

!BH~Marlen Jenas Dress..Includes : 3 layers for upper part, 2 layers for lower part + sculpted miniskirt . The outfit comes as Copy/Mod/No. Transfer -in all layers ~~ Be Happy! ~~

Item HINT : “Hey, dont hide behind the column!”



Fist Pump with the best ~Item Hunt~!

Fist Pump with the best Hunt ~ March 6th –  3rd April ~#54

!BH~ Waltrina Outfit ..Includes :  Camo Top+ Sculpt Lower shirt Part, Short Jeans , army cute Rucksack, leather mix with army pattern *Sneakers* , belt, Socks . The outfit comes as Copy/Mod/No. Transfer -in multiple layers ~Be Happy! ~ Item HINT : “take care at heart to dont hit your head”


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