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!BH ~ Fabiola Dress White~Formal- Bridal- Gown- Wedding

!BH ~ Fabiola Dress White/ Ivory~Formal- Bridal- Gown- Wedding
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The soft style of this elegant dress will captivate all the attention of all around you, a touch of elegance and charm crafted from luxuriously textured rich lace and embroidery. Fabiola dress includes: embroidery veil , prim lace flexible bolero with sleeves, gloves, lace corset outlined with embroidery, body pants for socks, body pants for garter, socks, garter, flexible lace skirt, flexible lace& satin skirt, flexible lace trail, flexible lace& satin trail.
The full version comes as copy, mod and no transfer (all attachments contain resize menu which can be easily adapted according to your body shape). Be Happy! Shop (marketplace)

!BH ~ Fabiola  Dress White~Formal- Bridal- Gown- Wedding.png1

!BH ~ Fabiola  Dress Ivory~Formal- Bridal- Gown- Wedding