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Jeans Outfits!!

!BH~ Jeans Outfits!!

-> Jeans Outfit 1 ~ Includes : Red Scarf, Jeans Jacket with sculpted sleeves, white Top, Denim Pants with red Belt~

-> Jeans Outfit 2 ~ Includes : White  transparent top  with red buttons, collar , ribbon, Denim Pants~

-> Jeans Outfit 3 ~ Includes : Red transparent top with red buttons , collar, bow, Denim Pants~

The outfits comes as Copy/Mod/ No Transfer, in Multiple Layers!!


Monday Mania Item!!

!BH~ Kimmy~ Autumn Knit Sweater with Dark Blue Jeans! The Outfit Comes in Multiple Layers for Sweater and for Jeans too! Just for today it will be  to a special price as item in the Monday Mania! Be Happy!