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!BH ~ Bunny Sweet Suit

!BH ~ Bunny Sweet Suit , comes in multiple layers as Copy Mod/No Transfer and include top, body panties, collar, ribbon, ears, skirt, socks, sleeve, walking stick. Be Happy!



Bunny Outfits!

!BH ~ Bunny Outfit~ Red ~Blue ~ Green ~ Be Happy!
Includes : top, panties, socks, Ears, tail, Boots, Collar, Gloves. Comes in multiple layers as Copy Mod/No Transfer.






Poppin’ Penguin Hunt!

Be Happy! has as Gift in Poppin’ Penguin Hunt !BH ~Umbrella Outfit



What Ever Hunt °Gift°

Black and White Outfit is set as gift in What Ever Hunt. The Outfit Includes Top, Pants, Belt, Collar, Bolero, flowers jewel. Be Happy!


Bunny Babe Outfits !!!

!BH ~ Bunny Babe Outfits White-Black, Red-Black and Black- White . Each outfit includes : Corset (3 layers- shirt, pants, jacket); Bra (1 layer – undershirt); Socks; Silk Socks (1 layer- underpants); Vest Jacket (1 layer- jacket); Legwarmers wit buttons(l/r)~sculpted; Sleeve with buttons (l/r)~sculpted; Vest Jacket with pockets~ sculpted; Collar with Bow ~ sculpted; Tail Babe Bunny; Bow; Ear Bunny; Ear Bunny Folded; The Outfit comes as copy, mod and no transfer!  ~ Be Happy! ~



!BH ~Vanessa Burlesque Outfits!!!

!BH ~Vanessa Outfit  Red-Black and~Vanessa Outfit  Yellow- Blue , made from a soft silk mix with lace and feathers, each outfit includes : Corset; Bra; Panties; Socks;  Skirt with feather;  Sculpt Star Necklace(resize menu); Earrings Large Gold ; bracelet; hat; walking stick (animation); Comes in multiple layers as copy, mod and no transfer; ~Be Happy! ~


Fist Pump with the best ~Item Hunt~!

Fist Pump with the best Hunt ~ March 6th –  3rd April ~#54

!BH~ Waltrina Outfit ..Includes :  Camo Top+ Sculpt Lower shirt Part, Short Jeans , army cute Rucksack, leather mix with army pattern *Sneakers* , belt, Socks . The outfit comes as Copy/Mod/No. Transfer -in multiple layers ~Be Happy! ~ Item HINT : “take care at heart to dont hit your head”


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Harlequin Outfit !!

!BH- Harlequin Outfit –  .. made from a mix between silk , lace and sequins .. the outfit comes as copy, mod and no transfer in all layers and includes : 3 layers for upper part (jacket, shirt, undershirt)/top with red hearts on middle ; 2 layers for lower part ( pants, underpants); socks; 2 bows for socks ; sleeve; skirt ; Necklace; Earrings ; Black Glimmer mask decorated with feathers , red silk bow and a precious white diamond.All Attachments comes with resize menu! ~ Be Happy! ~

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St. Patrick Outfits!!

!BH ~St. Patrick Outfits….each outfit includes : Top, short panties, Leather Corset , flex skirt with Antique Cotton Lace, sleeves, garter,  2 different hats, Necklace, bracelet for both hands, clover earrings. The attachment contain scripts  for a more easy way to resize them. Each item comes as copy/mod/no transfer! ~ Be Happy!


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!BH~Sharina Outfits !!

!BH~Sharina Outfits Pink/Yellow and Blue & Black.
Each color contain two fetch outfits and includes : Corset , panties , bra, fishnet top, fishnet pants, socks, skirt made from black with pink dots silk and delicate lace , black/gold pearl necklace, collar, lace collar, black/gold belt, lace sleeves( attachments  have resize menu) . Sharina Outfit comes as Copy/Mod/No Transfer in multiple layers. ~ Be Happy! ~

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