!BH~ Melisa Lace Dress

16 Dec

Be Happy! Shop !BH~ Melisa Lace Dress ~Black, Blue, Red ~ Includes:
– lace corset (transparent);
– lace corset (opaque);
– silk+ lace ribbon;
– body pants;
– socks;
– flex lace skirts (main and overly);
– flex silk skirts (main and overly);
Both models of corset can be worn with or without socks. The underneath of the skirt is made to look as a lingerie. Skirts can be worn in three ways: the ones made from silk or the ones made from lace(like in photo above) or as mix of lace and silk. Be Happy! shop- Markeptplace

!BH~ Melisa Lace Black Dress !BH~ Melisa Lace Red Dress !BH~ Melisa Lace Blue Dress




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