!BH ~ Princess Cindy Ivory~

27 Jan

Be Happy! Shop (iw) !BH ~ Princess Cindy Ivory~ Formal- Bridal- Gown- Wedding
Wedding dress creating a mermaid type silhouette a perfect combination of lace, embroidery, veil and silk, this dress is recommended to all brides defined by sensuality, mystery and elegance.
Princess Cindy dress includes: Corset; Body Pants; Veil; Gloves; Sleeves; Skirt; Flex Skirt + Train; Ribbon + Flex Over skirt (Lace); Ribbon + Flex Over Skirt (Veil); Flex front skirt (Lace + Silk) ; Flex front skirt (Veil + Silk) ;
The full version comes as copy, mod and no transfer (all attachments contain resize menu which can be easily adapted according to your body shape). Be Happy! Shop (marketplace)

!BH ~ Princess Cindy Ivory ~1

!BH ~ Princess Cindy Ivory ~2

!BH ~ Princess Cindy Ivory ~3


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